Vitamin D and Cancer

Lots of news about Vitamin D lately. They have actually admitted that 400IU is not enough. Although data shows that we are all low in Vit D they have only raised the recommended daily amount to 600-800IU. I routinely take 6000 IU per day and have for years. I do this because of the amazing data on Vit D on cancer. We are all low in Vit D but it turns out that cancer patients are even lower. I recently returned from the Society of Integrative Oncology conference in NYC. One of the presentations showed that we are all low and in the winter months our Vit D levels drop to almost nothing. There was some questions asked if Vit D had a immune function and if so may explain why we get more colds in the winter time.

Remember Vit D is a fat soluble vitamin and as such must be emulsified in fat to be absorbed. Anyone without a gallbladder or on acid blockers does not have enough bile to emulsify their fats and therefore lowers the absorption rates of fat soluble vitamins. So get a pre-emulsified form.

The best in health,

Dr. Cynthia Bye