Thank you for teaching me how to recover quickly and to start living again.

Thank you for teaching me how to recover quickly and to start living again.

Thank you for giving me the ability to get through my treatments with as few side effects as possible. Thank you for teaching me how to recover quickly and to start living again. Thank you for being my health mentor in ways no other health professional could. You have been the bright spot along this otherwise dark path. Thank you for your years of sacrifice to learn all you have. You are a walking encyclopedia of health and I am grateful for you!

Of all the nurses and doctors who have helped me along this path, you have been my favorite. You have given me encouragement in ways that others are careful not to. I understand they don’t want to give false hope, but I believe the hope we have can create the outcome we desire. I trust every word you say and have tried my best to follow my treatment plan with precision.

You have made my life and the lives of many others better in ways that are priceless.  

– Carla

Dr Bye Listened to my Concerns

Dr Bye Listened to my Concerns

“Two years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I started to see Dr. Cynthia Bye immediately after they had detected a lump in my breast. I started taking supplements to reduce the risk of my cancer spreading when they did the biopsy and continued taking supplements to boost my immune system in preparation for my mastectomy.

After my surgery I chose to receive a low dose of chemotherapy called Herceptin. During the entire year I continued on the supplements and regimen Dr. Bye subscribed, and I had little to no side effects from the Herceptin. Dr. Bye really listened to my concerns and fears through this whole ordeal and I appreciated the time she spent talking things through with me.”

From a Breast Cancer Survivor

From a Breast Cancer Survivor

“Dr Bye was deeply committed to my comfort, health and healing throughout my Cancer treatment. As a naturopathic physician, she was part of my team of allopathic practitioners including oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists and technicians but she was the only one who followed up with me personally all year long.

Dr Bye’s background of working at Cancer Treatment Centers of America made her an ideal bridge between conventional and complementary medicine and this proved to be exactly what I needed. She researched all the treatments I was being given including chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries, and prescribed remedies and acupuncture that allowed me to endure the treatments with a minimum of side effects. In fact, the allopathic practitioners were amazed at my good lab tests and other results throughout the year.

In addition, she prescribed supplements and vitamins that have been shown to reduce the incidence of Cancer, even though the aren’t necessarily recognized by the pharmaceutical industries. She also helped me address other sources that potentially contributed to the Cancer including diet, allergy and inflammation.

I believe her comprehensive approach, her personalized attention and her proactive recommendations epitomize compassionate treatment, and from my perspective, they’re what’s missing from most conventional medicine. I would highly recommend Dr. Bye to anyone who is being treated for Cancer or who would like to avoid Cancer!”

Dr. Bye Saved My Life

Dr. Bye Saved My Life

“There are some events that take place on the journey of life of an individual that should be expressed to their fellow travelers. This is my expression of one such event. and is made in tribute to the inherent qualities of Dr. Bye. This particular journey began some 35 years ago as a member of the active duty Air Force.

I began experiencing discomfort in my chest after any physical exertion, such as mowing the lawn or walking up an incline. I sought medical attention and was given the usual battery of test including a stress test, which I was unable to complete, because of the discomfort. The Dr responsible for the examinations indicated in my medical records that the discomfort was from an unknown source, and let it go at that, without any consultation with me. I was left to my own devices. Fortunately I was still young and through diet and exercise my problem mitigated itself. However as the years passed the problem returned. I won’t go into details suffice to say that I saw a number of medical people and was prescribed a number of medications from antacids to antidepressants. No one seemed to know what was going on. It seemed to me that many of these Doctors were unable or not willing to spend the time to find a diagnosis. One Doctor indicated I had acid reflux and after that every other Doctor I saw held out the same opinion.

Eventually I became a member of the Kaiser plan. There was no significant change to the type care given. Office visits were limited to 7 min, making it almost impossible to provide adequate medical care. My situation continued to deteriorate over the of years. I really had no idea of how bad my condition was, as I thought that I had acid reflux, and once the discomfort subsided I felt fine. I had learned to live with it.

What I am going to tell you next is the reason that I am still here to talk about it. I had a friend who had cancer and was seeing Dr Bye in addition to the traditional care he was under. To make a long story short he suffered a heart attack. He had consulted his Cardiologist and over the telephone the Cardiologist diagnosed the discomfort in his chest as acid reflux. Eventually the problem was resolved though bypass surgery.

Because of my constant complaining and inability keep up when walking. My friend thought that Dr Bye might be able to provide an answer to my problem through Naturopathy. He called her and explained my situation, and asked if she would be willing to wait until 7 pm at her office. He called me that evening to tell me she was in her office waiting for a call from me and that I had better call her. He also said to call him back and let him know what she said. I felt I had no alternative, but to call. I told her a few things and she said I needed to be seen and would I come in. I agreed and made the most important appointment of my life.

Dr Bye greeted me and then began a detailed exploration of what illness I had, what I ate, she wanted to know the detailed aspects of my life related to my health. This was not a seven minute office visit, it lasted about an hour and half. She was interested, she was concerned and it showed. Needless to say I felt secure in her care. After a couple of visits she diagnosed the problem I was having. She then called Kaiser discussed my problem with them. She told them that I had a problem she knew it and now they knew it and they needed to do something about it. Within minutes of her calling, Kaiser called me to schedule an Angiogram.

After the Angiogram a Cardiologist was standing at the foot of my gurney reviewing the results of the test. He kept repeating “I don’t understand it, I just don’t understand it” I asked what he did not understand and he said ” According to the results of the test, you should have been dead at least five years ago. The three major arteries to your heart are almost completely blocked.” Within minutes I was in an ambulance heading for St Vincents Hospital.

Shortly after arrival the Surgeon told me they were going to do heart bypass surgery. I asked “How many are you going to do, three?” He said “Three? who told you three. I’m doing five, two of your arteries we can’t even see.” Needless to say the operation was a success, but the point of this letter is not about a successful operation, It is about me being here to write it.

Without Dr Bye’s thoroughness, knowledge and inquisitiveness I would have been just another name in the obituary column. I am indeed fortunate to have crossed paths with this gifted medical professional, who started me on this Journey to Health. I can think of no one I would rather make the journey with. Dr Bye saved my life and I thank her for it.”

– Mel Rasmussen