The most important thing you can do for your health is free

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I have attended 4 oncology conferences in the last 3 months. Learned all the latest chemotherapy, and neutraceutical approaches to treating cancer. All the billions of dollars spent on research to try and improve outcomes and the study that shows the best outcomes and reduced recurrence rates the most is ….. exercise and weight loss. It far outweighs any other therapy. The hard part is the studies showed you have to exercise 1 hour per day aerobically. You also need to do some resistance training 2 times per week. OK an hour per day is hard, but you feel so much better when you do it, you know you do.

We have always known that people who exercise have less cancer. We assumed it was they probably had better diets, had less weight problems, circulated more oxygen and lymph which reduces their toxic load. But what we are learning is that part of what happens with exercise is the endorphins and encaphalins increase. You know the ole’ runners high. There is some interesting case studies that show that by increasing endorphins and encaphalins as a therapeutic for cancer, it extends life span. Additionally when you exercise you reduce the adipose tissue in the body. We know fat tissue holds more toxins and fat has more of an enzyme that converts your testosterone to estrogen adding to breast and prostate cancer risks. You know those guys on the biggest looser weight loss show; well those moobs (man boobs) are not just fat. Part of the reason they Moneygram fees are that large is because of their testosterone being converted to estrogen.

So lets make a commitment to ourselves…. it’s free. Lets get our 1 hour of aerobic exercise each day and reduce our cancer risk improve our physical and mental health. Whats the alternative? 4 hours in a chemo chair recieving drugs (at around $10K per treatment) that make you sicker than a dog x several months???

Cynthia Bye, ND