Spring Cleaning Time

Spring is here and it is time to do some spring cleaning.

Its spring and most of us do some sort of spring cleaning around the house. All that trash that blew into your yard and the branches that feel down, the things that accumulated in the garage and the house. All of that needs to be cleaned out. Well debris has collected in your body as well. Between all the goodies over the holidays and the weather impacting our exercise routine, we have accumulated a bit of junk in our body too. So it is time to do a spring cleanse/detox.

We all have toxins in our body, some more than others. Do you have any of the following symptoms?

Sugar cravings, fatigue, itching, hives, heart burn, gas, bloating, bad breath, constipation, irritable bowel, don’t sleep well, acne, weight gain despite diet and exercise, joint pain, muscle cramps, PMS. These are just a few of the symptoms I see as your toxic load builds up.

Come join me for my biannual detox. I do this detox twice a year myself. If I don’t detox in the spring and the fall, I start craving sugar and gain weight.

Be well,

Dr. Bye