Fish oil in the news

Fish oil was in the news again. A small study on lung cancer patients shows fish oil to reduce muscle wasting and weight loss, from chemotherapy. There are hundreds of studies on fish oil. I use cod liver oil from deep sea cod because there are less toxins in the deep sea. It has the omega three fatty acids we need. They are called essential fatty acids because the body can not make them. Omega threes have both EPA and DHA. Cod liver oil has a good amount of both. I give every patient fish oil because is serves so many functions in the body. Before you turn your nose up, I use the lemon flavored cod liver oil. I have a lot of patients ask about doing fish oil capsules or they come in saying they are taking them. I go for the oil because it is difficult to get enough of the Omega 3 in a capsule without taking 9-11 caps. There are some that have higher amounts. I do carry one that has 1000mg of the Omega 3 per capsule so you only have to take 3 per day which comes in handy if you are traveling.

The essential fats are very important for our health. One of the most important functions is in the membrane of every cell in our body. Each cell membrane is bi-lipid. In other words there are two layers of essential fats in each cell membrane. It is these essential fats that bring in oxygen to every cell. I can’t think of anything more important that getting oxygen in the cell. So get your lemon flavored cod liver oil and mix it in your smoothie or do a 1/1 ratio with balsamic vinegar for a nice oil and vinegar dressing. If you are of the type that can swallow oils without a grimace just take it straight. Bottoms up!

To your health,
Cynthia Bye, ND